Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woo! Concert!

Chatham County Line will be playing in Roanoke on Nov. 12. I'm excited to find that Roanoke has smaller music venues than the Civic Center, as the last show I went to there was horrible due to the audience. The tickets are $20 in advance, which is pretty reasonable for a regional favorite.

Check out for more reasonably priced shows coming up in Roanoke.

If I were in a band...

the name of the band would be "In the Shadow of a Unicorn." I know, it's awesome, don't steal it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Do List

A compilation in progress.

Mexico: Chichen Itza, Oyamel Fir Forests
Guatemala: Tikal, Copan, other ruins
Peru: Machu Picchu
France: Paris, chateaus, Loire valley

Saturday, January 24, 2009

soda cake?

1 box cake mix (any flavor)
10-12 fl oz diet soda (I prefer flavored seltzer water because it doesn't have any artificial sweeteners)

Mix together and bake according to the time and temperature on the box. Top with light whipped topping. For real, that's it.

A co-worker told me about this, and I was definitely skeptical but figured it was worth a try. I would think it would need the eggs and oil to come together, but it really does work. Think of all the fat that saves.

I've made this recipe twice now (dark chocolate fudge + coke zero, and french vanilla + raspberry seltzer). The first one I made in cupcakes (btw, don't fill the cups all the way) and the second as a cake.

If I could find a vegan cake mix, I'd be interested to see how it works without all the oil.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, December 21, 2008

end of 2008

Things I've accomplished this year:

Healthier Habits
*Quit smoking (1 year on New Year's Eve!)
*Lost close to 20 pounds since Jan. 1 First year in a very long time that I have ended the year smaller rather than bigger.
*Joined Weight Watchers
*Started exercising regularly.

*Got my Professional License in Spanish
*Took a graduate class and got an A (while working full time!)
*Passed the test to add an endorsement in English to my license

*Met more people
*Traveled to Portland
*Tried out new haircuts
*Went to FloydFest

Goals for 2009
*Continue losing weight, eating well, and exercising
*Join a group of some kind that has similar interests
*Continue not smoking
*Get a passport
*Travel abroad
*Get my house organized for real
*Save money

Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodwill finds!

Yesterday Becca and I went to Moe's (delicious) and then to Goodwill and JoAnn's Fabric. Excellent finds all around. I found some fantastic vintage kitchen items:

An ice bucket for $3.95. It was in perfect condition until I dropped it and broke the handle on the lid. Fortunately, I didn't really like the handle to begin with, and it can easily be replaced. I'm actually going to use it on my counter to store my bags of coffee to keep things nice and tidy.

And for lack of official terms, a wrap dispenser for $3.60. This thing amazes me. Each little door opens up to hold a roll of aluminum foil, wax paper, or paper towels, and each door is labeled. The edge of the door has little teeth to tear it. I just love it. And I think my mom might have the matching bread box. I tried using the bottom door for plastic wrap, but the tearing teeth aren't really designed for it. Great for the few paper towels I use though.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

stolen from libby

1. What did you do 10 years ago? as much theater as I could. lots of homework for my first year of high school taking several honors classes. worked at girl scout camp that summer.

2. Five items on your to-do list:

* get an oil change
* fill out my teaching license application
* finish getting my extra bedroom organized
* take a ton of stuff to goodwill
* give Tillie a bath

3. Snacks I enjoy: triscuits and smoked gouda, peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bars, chips with corn and black bean salsa

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?

* Take a year off work
* Buy an awesome house and fix it up however I want (including being off the grid)
* Buy a hybrid car
* Houses and hybrids for my parents and sister, maybe other friends and family too
* Big donation to an environmental non profit
* get a master's degree or two in whatever I want
* Travel to South America and help their school systems

5. Places I would live: I might live in Knoxville again eventually, Charlottesville, DC, San Francisco

6. Jobs I have had: cashier at Best Buy, cashier/music person at Circuit City, counselor and Arts and Crafts director at Girl Scout Camp, waitress at Falafel Hut, technology sales and copy center at Office Depot, appliance parts salesperson in a call center, teacher