Wednesday, February 21, 2007

slop design

first, dear judge with the crazy, insane, ginormous hair: put down the crimping iron!

secondly, $500 at a garage sale is a pretty large budget in my opinion. but of course they were all whining.

and I really hope that when Felicia said "twenty-five is that ok?" for that crapass blanket, she meant cents not dollars. And her room was fugly.

I think Ryan is a turd and he should be eliminated. Michael has boyish color taste and it's whack. He needs to choose colors that don't look like dog vomit or grandma's house.

Loved Matt's room. Loved Carissa's room.


  1. I agree with all of your assessments. I'd also like to add 2 things:

    1. Goil's room was underrated. Sure, it didn't have a "look" that jumped out at you, but I think that was a positive. It looked like a room that I'd actually want to live in. And those chairs we ingenious.

    2. Jonathan Adler needs to retire his "See ya later decorator" bit. It makes me cringe every week.

    Post pictures of you new place, please!! And your classroom, if you can.

  2. Hey, Jeanette, it's your Yaris pal, Stacy. :) Glad you made it to VA and glad you started a blog!

    P.S. I have NO idea what you guys are talking about in this post.