Sunday, November 4, 2007

I <3 Value City

So after months of squiggly white lines across the screen and the fear that my TV would explode at any moment, I decided to buy myself a new one. The one I had was a 19", about 10 years old. The new one is a 27" RCA with HD potential (my satellite receiver doesn't have it, gotta scope that out with directv). It's massive and beautiful. Scottie and Jason helped me get it all setup and for that, I am very thankful. It would have been impossible for me to get it out of the car and into my house without them. Oh and a big thanks goes out to the cashier too, who accidentally scanned the 20% off barcode instead of 10%. YOU ROCK!

I also got a wicker trunk thing to keep by the door to contain my shoes. I always have a big pile of random shoes in the living room because I take them off as soon as I get in the door usually. This way, they're still here where I take them on and off but the room looks a tiny bit less sloppy.

And now with photos (as Libby requested), I also sewed new buttons onto my red corduroy jacket this weekend. It really gave it the face lift it had been asking for. (it talks)


  1. post a picture of your coat's facelift!

  2. yea! thanks for the pictures! i love having visuals. the coat looks great, and hey...that's the one that you and i both have, isn't it? i think it is.