Wednesday, November 7, 2007

silly kids

so last week we went to the computer lab because I had to give a student survey evaluating my performance as a teacher. They had to anonymously rate whether they agreed, disagreed, or were neutral to several statements: my teacher gives clear instruction, respects all students, explains assignments, etc etc....

then there was a space for comments. Surprisingly, the only negative comments were that there are too many quizzes, surprise, surprise. I agree, there are too many quizzes. But it's countywide, not my choice. Also, many of my students either think I'm married or are unaware of the differences between Mrs. Ms. and Miss.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites (Original spelling and grammar have been maintained for authenticity)

i dont like spanish but i like mrs o. =]

Mrs. O is amazing. And Blues Traveler is good.

the class is fun mosty of the time (not when test are out ^-^)

I think that we should have more time to study for quizzes and tests. It would be a more efficient way to learn. I barely get a day between quizzes. To understand the material think that we should be given more time. I also think that we should spend more time on learning the information so that we would learn more and have a higher class average!!!

Mrs.O is a great teacher and I can easily get help outside of class. Also, she helps with an issues I have and answers any questions I have about something.

whoooooooooo mrs o is tha shizzznit

Awesome teacher! Just.. class is a little hard because most of the class has no foundation (i.e. Spanish 2 and 1)

This Class is GRRRRREAT!!

I love Ms. O...mucho...

good teacher!!!!!!


And my most favorite comment:
miss o is my dude love markus


  1. i love this post! sounds like the kids love you - way to go :) and those comments crack me up. my favorites are:

    "Also, she helps with an issues I have and answers any questions I have about something."

    "Mrs. O is amazing. And Blues Traveler is good."

  2. oh, and to answer your question - yes, we'll be in town for thanksgiving. my family is coming in town on wednesday and leaving probably saturday morning. are you gonna be here? i hope so!

    also, you need to check your local listing for "awesome pawsome" on animal planet. its amazing.