Sunday, May 13, 2007

ew yuck!

So the walls between the townhouses here are relatively thin and not soundproof, so sometimes I hear snippets of conversations, etc. Last weekend the Korean neighbors on one side of me had some kind of group sing-a-long with a song the kids had been practicing on the piano for the last few weeks. There were at least 5 voices, a guitar, a clarinet, a saxophone, and the piano. Pretty singing, too bad I don't know Korean. It sort of sounded like the theme song from Rocky though.

Today I went into my downstairs bathroom just in time to hear the other neighbor's young daughter on the other side of the wall exclaim "ew! yuck!" and then start singing a song that goes "We're going for a trip in our favorite rocket ship!" It was really cute.


  1. Wow, you're going to have to keep listening in on your neighbors and blogging about it. That's genius. And good call on the swimsuit, I'll go check it out at Target!

  2. It's really really sad that I know exactly where that song comes from. Parenthood really makes you a dork. :)