Thursday, May 31, 2007

things and whatnot

hey ya'll.
So we just got our contracts for next year, and I will be teaching at the same school again. And each year we teach, we get a little more pay, so that's good too. Next year instead of being in the crappiest mobile classrooms ever, 1/2 a mile from the main building, we'll be in the basement of the building. I'm one of the lucky ones that got a room with windows, even if they do look out onto one of the cafeteria type spaces and not the actual outside. It will be nice to have reasonable access to a bathroom (I've seriously had to ration out my liquid intake during the day) and a copier.

We have 6 school days left, and 3 of those are final exams. I'm so ready for the year to be over and have a little break. It's hard enough being a first year teacher, let alone coming in midyear to an awkward situation. I think we've done a pretty good job of getting caught up. Next year should be a little easier since I'll get to go through the new teacher orientation and learn a few more of the little details of things I was supposed to do and didn't know about this year.

I'm also attending a program over the summer at Lynchburg College. It's a 6 week program of education classes designed to turn my provisional license into a permanent license. Looking forward to learning some new strategies and maybe meeting a few people to hang out with.

Speaking of people to hang out with, I've been dating Glenn for 2 months now. Things are going swimmingly, and I think it's the happiest I've been in a relationship, possibly ever. It's still early in the game, but it's good.

I've also made friends with one of the other Spanish teachers, Jamie. We have mucho en comĂșn. She'll also be teaching at JF again next year, and I'm really glad. She is also my neighbor, and whenever we go out somewhere strangers think we're twin sisters. Even though we don't really look that much alike. Our students also think that we're basically the same person. Scary, no?

Oh, and I'll be in Knoxville tomorrow. Probably for the last time til the end of the summer.


  1. Yay for boyfriends! You know, Dave and I were engaged just two months after meeting,(and we've been happy together for three years) so nothing is impossible or unlikely! I'm so happy that everything is going well for you and you're enjoying life!

  2. Hey - I'm glad you won't have to ration your liquid intake next year. That can't be good for you! I'm also glad things are going so well with you and Glenn, and I can't wait to meet him when I come visit one of these days.

    It was great to see you and hang out last weekend - I had a blast!! And don't forget - If you ever want to talk, just give me a ring on my special cell phone ;)