Thursday, June 14, 2007

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So school is officially over for the year. I don't have to go back until Aug. 16!
However, my classes at Lynchburg college start on Monday and run til the end of July. I've been reading the textbook and so far it's pretty interesting. I'm pretty sure some of the text from my Educational Psychology class last summer was directly out of this book. Tomorrow I'm hoping that it'll be sunny so can go to my aunt and uncle's house and lay out for a little bit and read some more. Today it's rainy and only in the 60s.

I've planted some tomato plants in a flower bed I dug outside my townhouse. Let's hope the lawn maintenance guys don't try to cut them down again. You would think they would know the difference between a random weed and a tomato plant growing behind a landscaping fence in a patch of dirt. Idiots.

Glenn and I went to a neat seafood restaurant last week called Harbor Inn. The food was good, but the decor was amazing. The walls were covered with beautiful underwater murals of fish and stingrays and some of them were even 3D. I'm really enjoying learning what cool local places are around. The restaurant scene in Lynchburg is definitely not up to par with Knoxville's, but then again Knoxville has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else I've been. There are the typical chains here: Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, O'Charleys, TGIFridays, etc. But if you want to go somewhere locally owned, that's a little harder to find.

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