Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tillie's "Previous Top Model's Celebrity Photo Shoot" Photo Shoot

In honor of the ANTM finale this week, Tillie said she wanted to do a photoshoot inspired by the celebrity photoshoots past contestants have done. She chose Melrose's depiction of Donald Trump as her muse. Here are the results:

Sometimes, like Dionne, I have to remind her not to look mean or do "something called scowling".

I keep reminding her not to lose her neck in her pictures.


  1. OMG, I LOVE it. Hilarious!! My favorite is the "scowling" look. And dude, she looks so healthy now. I'm so glad!

  2. omg, I LOVE Tillie. Huge fan. She's definitely America's Next Top Model in my book. I love the over the shoulder one.

  3. When people comment w/ questions on my blog I never know whether to answer them there or answer them on that person's blog. Shew. Anyway..June:

    The picture is very deceiving. She's almost 60 lbs. When I took her to the vet last, she weighed 58 lbs. The humane society claims she is part jack russell terrier and part austrailian shepherd. I can see both, sort of, but she has a big plume-y tail that curls up like a husky or something so I think there's some of that in her too.