Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fabulous and Fantastic

So I found some brownie mix at my local Food Lion that is fat free and actually tastes good! It's called No Pudge, and you can make a whole pan or you can mix it in small batches and microwave it for individual brownies. It's really easy too, you just mix it with vanilla fat-free yogurt. I've even started experimenting with different flavorings (apparently they make it in mint, cappuccino, and raspberry in addition to the original but I haven't found them here). The best I've made so far: I mixed in some fresh raspberries I picked at my aunt and uncle's house and I substituted one of those Yoplait whips in chocolate raspberry, and it was out of this world. Go look for it. Now!


  1. Thanks for telling me about that Design Sponge blog - I LOVE it!! And those brownies sounds killer...and clever! Love the name, No Pudge :)

  2. Oh, thanks for the tip! I'm always skeptical of "fat free" but these sound delish.

  3. Big Brother isn't for everyone, that's for sure :) And you're right...they take it waaaaay too seriously.

    When are you coming back to TN for a visit?

  4. 8-0 Brownies?? I LOVE brownies!

    What brand are they? I will be looking for these next trip to the grocery!