Wednesday, March 7, 2007

slop design sucks.

I'm over it. At first, I was really excited by this show, but now i'm just bored with it. The challenges are dull, the designers are bland, and even the drama between them is just not exciting. At least the whole "your mother" "my mother" drama between Angela and Jeffrey was funny. This week, I had to agree with Ryan, the turd, for once: I would not have taken on that job. The family was totally not realistic about how many things you can cram into a garage, they did have way too much stuff, and everything would fit so much better if they didn't have that monstrous ridiculous stupid SUV. F SUVs.
I don't think I care who wins this.

I am, however, very excited about the new cycle of ANTM. I want Diana or Jael to win, although it will probably be Renee since they've made such a BFD out of her, or Felicia (Alicia?) who might in some lights and from a distance bear a resemblance to Tyra. I like how on her talk show Tyra says one thing about body image and then on antm she perpetuates the skinny model stereotype of "high fashion". boo.

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