Sunday, March 25, 2007

things and stuff....maybe some whatnot...I dunno we'll see....

So last night Jamie and I went to get Chinese food, which was good, and then we went shopping, which was also good. We both got some really cute new clothes. Then we went to walmart for sundry things including beer, because it is an essential ingredient to playing Phase 10, which was the plan for the rest of the night.

BTW, for those of you familiar with the Michelob seasonal Ales and Lagers mix pack that they put out once a year, you know of the deliciousness of the Honey Lager. Well, Walmart here sells it! I was stoked. STOKED.

Anywho, since she just lives a few doors down, I dropped her off and came here to check on Tillie. Which turned out to be a good idea because she had thrown up while I was out. I gave her the nausea medicine, which she threw up, so then I had to give her a shot. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. So that calmed her down, and now it's been about 18 hours since she last puked. Fortunately no blood in it this time. I think she's going to be alright....she was just testing me.....I won't let her go that easy!

Today I've been unpacking boxes of old stuff and trying to get my office set up. It's coming along nicely. Still can't find a box or two that I remember carrying in but they've gotta be around here somewhere.

Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow!

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